Our Cherished Traditions

My story is about three amazing women: my late Grandmothers and late Mother-in-law. They enjoyed quilting, needlework, collecting fabrics, and creating cherished memories. I'm very excited to bring their traditions to you through my collections. Each collection has it's own story and is based off their enduring legacies.

Heritage Collection: This collection is a celebration of my late Mother-in-law's love of quilting and I have incorporated some of the fabrics I inherited from her and others over the years. She inspired me to take up quilting after she passed in 2018.

Antiques Re-Imagined Collection: This is my way of honoring my "thrifty" Grandmother by up-cycling vintage linens and fabrics; giving them a fresh start and saving them from ending up in landfills.

Holiday Ornaments Collection: My late maternal Grandmother had an annual custom of crafting holiday ornaments for the family. I continue to hang the ornaments she made us on our tree every year and I'm so happy to bring this cherished family tradition to you! 

Natural Fibers Collection: This is my celebration of the beauty found in the natural textures of the world. This collection is about using pure fibers and wholesome materials. Each piece is an embodiment of the beauty of nature combined with the cherished traditions of quilting and needlework.

I'm thrilled to keep their spirit alive and share their legacies with you. Whether it's a simple piece or a complex creation, big or small, every single item is infused with love. Thank you for being a part of this special journey!

Leslie Dickinson, Owner

I started WhatLeslieMakes in 2021 with the goal of sharing our family's traditions with people who appreciate the history behind handmade items. My hope is that you will find joy in these items as you bring them into your life.